Coinvolgere i musulmani

Occhio della telecamera su Farah Pandith, la nuova rappresentante speciale del dipartimento di stato presso i musulmani. Questo è l’incontro che si è tenuto il 17 luglio al Washington Institute for Near East Policy (qui). (thanks, John)

The Office of the Special Representative to Muslim Communities (OSRMC) will operate outside of the traditional Washington mindset to work at a grassroots level, engage the next generation, and build new partnerships. The new office will connect directly with Muslims worldwide — brainstorming with nonstate leaders and individuals inside various communities — to create sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.

Identity is one of the most serious issues facing Muslim youth today. Many young Muslims, in both Muslim minority and Muslim majority countries, are questioning their place in society and struggling to reconcile their culture and religion with modernity. In response, the U.S. government has created initiatives such as the “citizen dialogue program” to engage and mentor these youths. This program joins young American Muslims who have navigated these complex issues of identity with their peers from other countries. More will be done to seed initiatives that bring different people together to work on ideas and challenges. The OSRMC, for instance, will bring together youth workers from London with those from Amman and Mumbai to discuss how to use technology and sports to most effectively engage young Muslims in their neighborhoods.

Tecnologia e sport? Mi sembra un po’ poco… Facciamo “governance e rappresentanza”? Forse è meglio…

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