Colonie, pace, paci

Any plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace that has a hope of succeeding requires both an effective marketing strategy and a level of assertiveness as yet unseen in a US president, excepting, perhaps, Dwight Eisenhower and Jimmy Carter. Obama’s only hope of breaking through the wall of Israeli and Democratic Party resistance is to articulate an approach to peace based on clear and accepted principles anchored in human rights and justice and then framed in terms of US interests. A cold, calculating assessment of US interests would certainly push Obama in this direction. Time will tell, though the limp response to the new settlement construction does not bode well.

E’ un passo di un lungo articolo per Merip Online di Jeff Halper, uno degli esponenti di punta del fronte pacifista israeliano. Lungo articolo, di pochissimi giorni fa, alla vigilia degli incontri tra Gerusalemme e Ramallah di George Mitchell, inviato di Obama per il Medio Oriente.

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