Seven Stories Press  published the American version of my book on Hamas in March. It is an updated version of the English translation published by the  Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs in East Jerusalem, in February 2010. In the American version, I added a new chapter, from the Cast Lead Operation till the Second Arab Awakening. I  tour edduring the second half of March in the United States, to present the book in New York City, Washington, Boston, Chicago, Richmond (IN).

They said…

“In this capable, evenhanded work of research, proficiently translated from the Italian, journalist and historian Caridi carefully tracks the founding of Hamas from its offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood to its West-defining period of terrorism to its eventual, effectual embrace of political representation since 2006…an intriguing study of Hamas’ tortuous movement from “pebbles to power…from terrorist attacks to ministries.”

Kirkus Reviews


It is a MUST read, an outstanding and thoroughly engaging study that provides an insightful, critical and at times provocative analysis of the origins and development of HAMAS. Caridi, a long time journalist and expert on Arab politics, with an academic background and many years living in the Middle East and for almost a decade in Jerusalem,  takes the reader behind scene, enabling an appreciate the deeper and hidden realities that have shaped the Palestinian-Israeli-conflict and Hamas movement from resistance to governance.

– John L. Esposito is University Professor of Religion & International Affairs, Georgetown University, author of The Future and co-author of Who Speaks for Islam and am? What a Billion Muslims Really Think.

“Hamas is hardly an unfamiliar actor on the world stage. But much of the discussion about Hamas is more heated than enlightening.  Paola Caridi’s book is thus a real treat: it starts not with the controversy but with the movement itself, working from the ground up. interviewing those inside and outside the movement, and poring through written sources. The book explores Hamas’s origins, evolution, and choices.  Those who are already familiar with Hamas will find new information presented in a careful and judicious manner; those who know less about Hamas will find an accessible and rewarding account of the movement.”

Nathan J. Brown, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington University

“Paola Caridi, Italian journalist and historian, exploits her mastery of the pen and eye for historical detail to provide a rich, balanced view of the Palestinians’ leading Islamist organization—Hamas. Skillfully translated by Andrea Teti, Caridi’s book draws heavily upon extensive interviews with Palestinian elites and regular citizens to chart Hamas’s rise to popularity and power. A superb addition to the literature on the Palestinians.”

Kirk J. Beattie, Simmons College, Boston

Il volume, pubblicato dalla Seven Stories di New York, è uscito  a metà marzo ed è  stato recensito da Kirkus Review,  Publishers’ Weekly e Middle East Journal. Ho presentato il volume, sempre a marzo, in diverse università americane: Georgetown, Harvard, New York University e Columbia, Chicago University e Northwestern, Earlham College, nonché – a Washington – al Jerusalem Fund e al Carnegie Endownment for International Peace, ospite della Foundation for Middle East Peace dell’ambasciatore Phil Wilcox.


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